List of Children’s Halloween Costumes WotC Uses to Create Planes in MTG is Getting Shorter

SEATTLE, WA — “We’re running out of options,” says an exasperated WotC employee. “There’s just not a whole lot left to use.” As Halloween retail pop-ups begin taking over spaces once occupied by eccentrically named candle stores, WotC employees take to the malls for inspiration. “Costumes used to be your generic types: mummies, pirates, vampires, robots, ghosts, werewolves… we’ve done them all. Some more than others. If I bring more cats or angels to the table this year I probably won’t have a job.”

Each generation brings with it new fads and trends. For WotC this means new challenges. “These days kids want to dress up as characters from their favorite franchises. It’s one reason why we’re crossing over with other IPs. If you want to know how the concept of Universes Beyond came about . . . well there you go.”

Design team member Mark Swanson and his team peruse Halloween Thyme, one of five stores left in the local mall. “I’ll let you in on a little secret,” Mark said, pointing at a Little Red Riding Hood outfit. “The trick isn’t to find a single outfit, but to find several and pivot off of the theme binding them together. We’d never be able to make an entire set based on Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf for example, but fairytales… That became Throne of Eldraine. That Zeus costume over there… Theros.”

We asked about a few costumes we’d found that hadn’t yet been represented. “Cowboys? Well that one… that one’s loaded. So many department heads are sticklers for thinking long term. Sure there’s a few we staples haven’t done like cowboys, but those are what we call the “sandbagged” themes, we’re essentially keeping those in our back pockets. You know, a “break glass in case of emergency’ type of deal. If you see a wild west or sci-fi themed plane come out of WotC, you know we’re running out of ideas.”

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