Verdict: Yeah, Double Masters 2022 is Good but Morrowind is Like Way Better

Masters sets are always a lot of fun. Reprints of highly sought-after cards, special art treatments, and a unique cube-like draft format with special twists are all welcome additions to the game. If you can afford it. No matter how good this iteration of a Masters set is, we’d like to remind everyone that Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is still way better.

“I mean, yeah it’s got Dockside Extortionist and Imperial Seal, but does it have ambiguous quest introductions? There’s no way that two rares per pack can even come close to the immersion Morrowind offers that, to this day, has never been topped. I can draft 2X2 with my friends, but it can’t let me wander around for thirty minutes leaving me wondering if I’m even close to where I need to be.”


Not everyone is convinced that Morrowind is the masterpiece many claim it to be.

“Sure, it’s got a lot to offer, but like most nostalgia, people remember the good parts while ignoring the mundane. Imagine punching a tree in Minecraft. That’s the combat. The whole game. You and your enemy swing at one another until, inexplicably, one of you dies. Sure there are a lot of mechanics going on in the background to determine the outcome, but I mean, so does a flushing toilet. I can enjoy the same experience with 2X2 cards and still play them 10 years from now without them feeling dated. …I think.”

While both sides of the argument have strong points, some wonder what the hell people are even talking about.

“Why is it when something is touted as worthwhile, we have to discuss Morrowind? Most of the people who keep touting Morrowind’s greatness saw a reddit post about how good it is, only for them to install it, and quit after the first combat encounter. Even after that they’ll still vehemently defend the game whenever it’s criticized. Besides the fantasy setting these two products have nothing in common and comparing them to one another is really dumb.”

Regardless how you feel about either of these products, you must admit that Gamecube is definitely a better box than a Double Masters 2022 booster box. Super Mario Sunshine, despite its hate at the time of release, is a unique classic worth checking out even today. Plus, the Gamecube has a super cool handle on it, while Double Masters 2022 boxes have no handle whatsoever.

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