Update: Turn One Still Delayed Due to Ongoing Avalanche of Irrelevant Personal Details From Opponent

“Island go,” was uttered by Jackson Sillic about fifteen minutes ago who, after passing priority to his opponent, has been on the receiving end of an endless barrage of random anecdotes and recommendations to “check out my band.”

It started innocent enough, comments from the opponent about the type of Island Sillic played, the new one from Innistrad, which then led into the opponent’s personal feelings about the monochrome aesthetic of the new lands and whether or not they look too similar to one another. However, without providing a natural pause in conversation, Sillic’s opponent continued, moving on to a story about how he thought the box of the new set he ordered from Amazon was tampered with, citing “loose feeling” packs and “too many junk rares.”

Unable to steer the focus back to the game at hand, Sillic ignored direct questions about his own buying habits, a tactic which he assumed would be an indication that the conversation lasted for far too long. Unabated, Sillic’s opponent answered his own question, launching into a new story about trades where he took advantage of younger, more inexperienced players.

Tension mounting, Sillic asked his opponent, “Are you going to play, or…” to which his opponent did play an untapped Plains. Unfortunately, this small victory was thwarted when, instead of proceeding to play a spell or pass the turn, Sillic’s opponent began talking about how he left his old game store due to “pushy” opponents, an obvious passive aggressive comment regarding Sillic’s request.

We’ll have more on this as the story continues to develop.

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