Upcoming Secret Lair is Four Ad-Cards that Advertise the Ad-Card Secret Lair, Available in Foil and Non-foil for $40 / $60

Ad-cards play an important role inside card packs. Why wish for something useful and collectable like a token when you can get an advert for something you already bought?

WotC has obviously seen the writing on the wall as they just announced the Ad-Card Secret Lair, containing four never-before-seen ad-cards. To keep on theme each of these unique double-sided ad-cards feature advertising for the Ad-Card Secret Lair. What better way to spread the word?

Like other Secret Lair releases, the Secret Lair also known as ‘Trees Died for … This?’ will come in curled and un-curled at $60 / $40 respectively.

Rumor has it that the bonus card included in this Secret Lair release will be an old border ad card misprint where one side of the card is a token of an Ad-Card for tokens.

Release date is set as February 31st 2069.

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