Two Stax Players Chiding Each Other’s Deck Rip Fabric of Space-Time

Sometimes a player’s choice of deck can make or break finding the right playgroup. Sure, power level is important, but for some players certain archetypes are just as bad as cEDH decks squeaking their way in to pubstomp precons. This can lead to disagreements between players.

Brianna Jansen talked to us from beyond the void today and yesterday simultaneously and yet alternately at the same time about her recent experience.

“I sat down at a table at my LGS, a shop that took over an old Staples building that kept the logo and added ‘Format’ to the logo outside. The playgroup was looking for a fourth and my deck seemed like it was the right power level, so after a quick rule 0 conversation we began to play.”

It was then that Jansen realized something was very, very wrong.

“Two of the players, both named Tesh, began accusing the other of running a stax deck. For whatever reason each accused the other, but both denied it. This went on for a good ten minutes before we heard the sound of trumpets bellowing followed by a spinning wormhole opening up between tables with people playing Warhammer and Blood Bowl. Me and the other guy in our playgroup both decided we’d rather try our luck with the wormhole rather than listen to anymore arguing from the Teshs.”

We asked Jansen what happened after stepping through.

“Turns out there’s an entire reality that exists alongside our own though we can’t see it or interact with it. I can’t really explain more since you wouldn’t even have the framework to understand. Kind of like explaining a computer to a fish. I haven’t seen the other guy since he said he was going to go get absorbed into the machine elves collective.”

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