Twitter’s Blue Check Badge Adds “Must Be Blocked By Jeff Hoogland” to Verification Requirements

Requirements for Twitter’s Blue verification badge have been updated today. Moving forward, all MTG Twitter accounts seeking verification must be blocked by Jeff Hoogland in order to be approved.

“Our users want to be confident the accounts they interact with and get information from are genuine. As Twitter evolves the data we examine to validate accounts evolves along with it. We discovered that a majority of accounts with organic tweets and interaction in the MTG Twitter sphere all had one thing in common. They were all blocked by Jeff Hoogland.”

The implementation has been largely lauded by the community.

“The addition of this item to the verification system is going to clean up a lot of the spam accounts in the MTG Twitter sphere,” said user @cardboardpoor. “It’s nice to see Twitter making adjustments to their system to cater to individual communities on the platform. We now have a fast track to verification since everyone knows if you’re active on Twitter you’re likely blocked by Jeff Hoogland.”

Due to the new system, users have been flocking to try and get their account blocked as well, though one user has some advice.

“People think you need to interact with this particular account in order for it to happen, but if you’re active in the community chances are you’re already blocked and don’t know it. It’s something that happens organically as you participate in MTG Twitter. Twitter can be a lonely place, especially when you’re trying to build a network. Often times you feel like you’re shouting into a void, but then one day you incidentally discover you’ve earned your block and it makes all that hard work worthwhile.”

At time of press users have begun to forgo Twitter’s official verification badge and merely posting screenshots of their banning as their Twitter account banner image to confirm validity.

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