Tolarian Community College + Gamegenic Announce Kickstarter for Deckbox That Can Hold 133 Other Deckboxes, Each Holding Six Boxes Containing Three Commander Decks, Double Sleeved In Perfect Hards

Many Magic: The Gather players ask the question: “What’s the best deckbox for my 2,394 Commander decks?” Tolarian Community College seeks to answer this age old question with a new kickstarter for what’s being called the “The Academic 133+ XL” which obviously means it’s a deckbox which can hold 133+ (or more) other deckboxes that can each hold six boxes of three commander decks, double sleeved in perfect hards. What else could it mean?

Leaked documents show the upcoming product will come in two versions. One with a small, TCC branded forklift (in foil) while the less expensive version will come with a hand dolly, but recommends teamlift with optional forearm straps when traveling.

The box itself is made of sturdy vegan xenosaga fiber which promise to keep you and your friends, and your friend’s friend’s collection of decks safe for a night of casual commander. Optional trays can hold enough dice and tokens for any game, or a place to sleep in a pinch.

Honestly, we’re excited that this new product will finally be addressing the needs for the average commander player.

The real question is, will The Academic 133+ XL stay closed when shaken upside down? Tune in on March 15th to find out.

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