Opponent with Tiny Fence Around Playmat Astounded You’re Not Using a Tiny Fence Around Your Playmat

Local opponent who has finished erecting the tiny fence surrounding their playmat is astounded you’re not using a tiny fence around your own playmat, sources weirded out, yet intrigued confirmed.

“It’s so strange that in 2022, with the advent of the internet you still see people setting up and playing fenceless Magic: The Gathering. I thought that by now people would understand its importance. It’s so bizarre that none of the major players in the MTG accessories market have released their own fences. What that means for us is less of a variety in fencing options. Right now, you only have a choice between white and brown picket fences, which I don’t have an issue with. But sometimes I’m playing a deck that clashes.”

Players trying to play against a fenced opponent have conveyed their frustration.

“They kept asking where my fence was an acted like I was crazy for not having one. I asked why they needed a fence. They asked if I’d ever been in a backyard, as if that should have settled it. I guess everyone has their … thing, so I didn’t push the issue. The tiny fence did make it more difficult to see their side of the board, but I found myself kind of enjoying the cozy ambiance it provided. It was kind of weird how my fenced opponent kept referring to me as “neighbor” but once I got used to it, I kind of ended up liking it. I didn’t even realize I had gone and ordered a tiny fence of my own until after I’d purchased it. What’s happening?”

Other players who have encountered the tiny fence report similar responses.

“I heard there were tiny fences popping up around playmats at the LGS, but I thought it was some weird euphemism I wasn’t aware of. Turns out, it was quite literal. I saw a commander pod with a fence around each person’s playmat. I asked them what the deal was, and they all just looked at me and said in unison, “Howdy, neighbor!” then glared at me until I walked away. I’m really intrigued by it, and for whatever reason there was someone giving out fences, so I mean, yeah I took one. Free fence…”

At time of press Game Genic and Ultimate Guard have announced their own lines of tiny fences including chain link with barbed wire, bamboo, and wrought iron, citing it was the “neighborly thing to do.”

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