Players On the Verge of Quitting As the Obvious Inclusion of a ‘Timmy-Gun’ Has Yet To Be Spoiled For New Capenna

Uproar over anything and everything Magic: The Gathering related is the norm for the popular trading card game, though this time it’s not about broken mechanics or economic hoopla, but about a card that has yet to be spoiled.

New Capenna, the newest plane to the Magic: The Gathering multiverse, leans heavily on early 20’s organized crime as a backdrop to flesh out it’s noir urban environment. Its characters are mainly involved in competing crime families. It’s no surprise that new cards and mechanics fill every trope you’d expect, except an obvious one.

“It’s the most obvious thing you can do,” Jason Miron, an avid MTG player since the age of 5 told us. “As soon as I learned what New Capenna would be I was expecting it. We’re a week into spoilers and I’ve yet to see it.”

What Miron is referring to is the most obvious card possible for the set, a Timmy-Gun.

“It’s right there,” Morin continued. “Sure, it’s a bit on the nose but I just don’t see how you could pass up the opportunity. It’s more than perfect. I’d collect every variant and every style. Pardon my pun, but it would be a crime not to include this as a playable card.”

Miron is not alone in his lobbying for such a card. Others have taken to the internet to express their desire to see the inclusion of a Timmy-Gun in the set, asking that if Wizards does not have one available, they make one available as a “Secret Lair” variant.

“I’m not kidding,” reddit user Wayward Swordteef wrote, “if they pass this up, I’m done.”

Whether or not WotC will listen to and act on player’s demands is unknown. We’ll be following this story as it progresses.

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