Take Our Quiz: Do You Want to Get Into Pre-Modern or Are You Just Hungry?

What’s the most appealing aspect of learning a new format?
Learning a new meta is fun.
WRONG! Learning a whole new meta isn’t fun. You’re just trying to fill the void your lack of food has created.
Ham and cheese Hot Pockets.
You’re right! See? You’re just hungry.
Buying new cards and building new decks.
No, spending even more money you don’t have on cards isn’t a good idea. Your stomach wants food, not new cards.
What is it about Pre-Modern that interests you?
The cupcakes.
Yes! Cupcakes are amazing because you’re hungry. Though be sure to follow it up with some fruit or veggies.
A new space to brew a variety of fun decks.
OMG that’s so much work. You know what isn’t a ton of work? Eating cupcakes.
Cultivating a local meta in my favorite local game stores.
And leave the house? Are you crazy? Cupcakes can be enjoyed at home. One should only leave the house because you want someone else to make your food.
Do you like how old cards look and play?
Old border cards remind me of steak.
Correct. That’s because you’re hungry.
Let’s not kid ourselves. They changed the way cards look for a reason and it’s not because they looked great. Next time, eat breakfast before trying to sound smart.
Wrong! Time Spiral Remastered proved people love the look of old border cards. Maybe you’d realize this if you weren’t so hungry!
What’s for lunch?
Games of pre-modern.
Lunch is the most important meal of the day, ya dingus. Eat something.
Delicious paella.
Correct. Paella is fucking amazing.
Shopping for new cards online.
Half-credit: eating and online shopping in tandem would have been accepted.
What sets are legal in Pre-Modern?
The sets released after lunch but before dinner.
Sounds like someone is ready for a snack!
Cards with the old frame printed between 1995 and 2003.
Correct. You must not be hungry.
The sets released before modern came out.
What? No. You just looked at the name and came up with that because you lack proper nutrition!

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