Street Tacos Replace Pringles as Official Sponsor of Foil Secret Lairs

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One of the running gags about certain foil “Secret Lairs” and other foiled Magic: The Gathering cards is that they are noticeably curled. It’s a widely known fact that, for reasons mostly unknown, cards with the foil treatment may not lie flat. As such, the community lovingly refers to these cards as “Pringles.” However, a recent shift in the MTG x culinary world brought in a new savory snack to unseat the colloquial term: street tacos.

“It was long overdue,” Amanda Sillin said between bites of her lengua tacos with onions, cilantro, and green salsa. “Pringles are fine, but no one’s leaving the bar and heading down to buy pringles. Tacos are where it’s at.”

Sillin wasn’t the only one to welcome the change, as many in the community wanted to widen the range of representation.


“Street tacos are the soul of many cities,” Andrew Dillinger, owner of the Taco Taco food truck in Los Angeles. “I started using foils commons to rest the tortillas on before I add the meat. The shape is perfect for keeping the sides raised which lets the filling settle in the middle, and it’s nice and wide so there’s no risk of it tipping over.”

Opponents of the shift have cited that the use of curled foils to hold tacos is a waste, as greasy food will render them useless.

“Yeah, you can’t use a grease-stained card in a magic tournament,” Dillinger said shrugging, “but I’m pretty sure you can’t use a curled-ass card either. Any sort of curling means the cards are marked and can’t be used. So, in fact by using it for your tacos you’re giving purpose to something that is otherwise useless. “

Wiff so wamy waco mmm hmm mmmm mm fo. Sorry. Taco. With so many positive changes, we don’t expect any other curvy delicacy to unseat the street taco as moniker numero uno. And if they do, it shouldn’t be such a white-ass snack.


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