Man Eager to Play New Deck Still Waiting On 136 More Packages After Ordering From TCGplayer

There’s nothing quite like mail day when you’re expecting brand new cards. For Theodore Renna that day is going to be every day for the foreseeable future, though he’s not too happy about it.

“It was the cheapest option,” Mr. Renna told us over zoom. “It was about $15 dollars less than any other option, so of course I went that route.” What Renna didn’t realize was that while the cards were dirt cheap, they were also coming from a bunch of different sellers. 152 to be precise.

“It’s been a nightmare,” Mr. Renna said. “They all ship at different times and there isn’t tracking for anything. Some days my mailbox will be so full of envelopes, the mail carrier just leaves them on top of the mailbox. I think a few got stolen, but I don’t know which ones because I’m not even sure what I’m still waiting on. By my calculations I’m still waiting on 136 to arrive, but I only ordered 100 cards. I’m not sure how it’s being delivered in over 100 packages. What is even happening?”

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