Overwhelmed? Startup Offers Cryogenic Stasis Inside Oversized d20 to then Track 2022’s Emotional Damage

upset woman inside d20

A startup called Icostasis is offering a program to put individuals who are too overwhelmed with everything to be put in a cryogenic stasis inside a large spindown d20. Those d20’s are then used by others to track their own emotional damage who can then choose stasis as well.

“Our technology has reached a point where we can put anyone in stasis so they can endure all the hardships that are sure to arise in the coming months. Originally designed as a way to preserve individuals afflicted with COVID, we realized there is market for people aren’t sick, but are too fed up everything that’s going on in the world.”

But Icostasis wasn’t happy with just putting people in stasis.

“The idea to use a d20 was kind of a joke at first, but the more we thought about it the more it made sense. Why keep people who are in stasis in a lab somewhere when we can put them to use?”


Icostasis decided on the shape of an icosahedron as it’s an idea shape to fit any individual.

“We offer regular d20s for D&D and spindown d20s for TCG players to track numbers. Then we took the concept a step further, offering others who are having a difficult time with 2022 to use the spindowns to track their own emotional damage. Once the spindown reaches one we recommend stasis for the individual.”

The company recently announced new group rates for 32 people to be put into stasis inside chess pieces to make a complete board.

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