Spoiler: Newest “Write In” Double Masters Card Just Wants Your Credit Card Number

It’s spoiler season again. Well, technically it never ended so it’s still spoiler season. Double Masters 2022 spoilers are hitting the interwebs and there’s a ton to love including a new “write in” dual tap land called Cryptic Spires. This precedent is not to be ignored since rumors are flying about another mechanically unique “write in” card which is merely a card containing carbon transfer paper so you can copy down your credit card number to give to Wizards of the Coast.

“This is a good thing. Before I had to supply payment every time I wanted to buy more product, but now that Wizards of the Coast has my payment information I can just keep getting more stuff without the extra hassle. Kind of weird to do it on carbon paper like were in the early nineties again, but this is a paper version of the card so I guess it makes sense.”

Other fans are disappointed in the inclusion of the new card.

“I have no idea how people cannot see right through this cash grab. I mean, I knew they were coming for my wallet before, but this is literally my wallet. They want a copy of it. How is anyone okay with this? I can’t even begin to tell you how unsafe this is.”


Wizards of the Coast released a statement about the inclusion of such a controversial addition to Double Masters 2022.

“We listen to fan feedback very closely. It’s one of the reasons why we’ve been so successful for thirty years. Well, one of the things that people most often point out is that the most powerful card in the game is the credit card. A Masters set like Double Masters 2022 is the perfect place for the most powerful card in the game, wouldn’t you say?”

If our sources are to be believed, the next version of this new mechanic is going to come in the form of cards that can streamline the process of a second mortgage on your home, or if you’re renting, a student loan you’re probably never going to be able to repay.

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