Sneak Peek at Tomorrow’s Daily Reminder that Post Malone Plays Magic: The Gathering

Here is an exclusive look at tomorrow’s daily reminder that international superstar Post Malone does in fact play Magic: The Gathering. You may not have seen this yet today, but it’s true!

Rumors are flying that WotC is planning on announcing a new Magic: The Gathering set under the Universes Beyond branding called Post: The Maloneing. Much like the newly announced sticker mechanic from the upcoming Unfinity set, Post: The Maloneing will have special abilities in the form of temporary tattoos players will affix to their faces. Each tattoo will keep track of which abilities are active.

For example, a tattoo of a barbed wire across your forehead will reduce all damage taken by one, while a buzzsaw on your cheek will require players to speak in questions for the rest of the game. Players are understandably apprehensive about the mechanic being printed on black bordered cards, but WotC has assured us that Post Malone goes and buys a ton of MTG products in cars worth more than your house.

We asked if WotC was driving the Post too far into the ground.

“Successful marketing means creating an image players can insert themselves into,” Director of Marketing Matthew Wise said. “Post Malone fills that role fantastically since he’s one of the few people who can actually afford to buy the all game pieces he wants to play with. Though this is an unrealistic dream for many players it works well as motivation.”

We asked WotC if they had a favorite song or album from the artist.

“He makes music?” Wise said, confused. “Is it about Magic: The Gathering?”

In addition to Post: The Maloneing, Posty will be playing MTG on Game Knights in the morning, then with the Professor after lunch, and will probably end up on a podast or three before the end of the night. While it may sound like a busy schedule, don’t worry, Posty’s balls will be returning to their rightful place, resting comfortably upon Wizard’s of the Coast’s chin before the lights go out.

Photo by The Come Up Show / CC BY

omg. dry erase cards. Of all the dry erase cards these are the driest. “How dry are they?” As dry as my wife after hearing me talk about how great MTG is. Sahara dry.

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