Local Man Selling his MTG Cards at Highest Price People are Willing to Pay is Furious at Wizards of the Coast for Doing it Too

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Reports are flooding in that local man, Sam Sellar listed several of his Magic: The Gathering cards for sale at the maximum price people are willing to pay. Sources say Sellar became furious when he found out that Wizards of the Coast uses the same tactic when pricing their own items for sale.

“Greedy corporations never learn,” Seller told reporters. “They keep increasing their prices on stuff. Well guess what? If people get used to paying one price for something and then you go and up the price, people are never going to buy it. By the way, I’m going to triple my money with some Fallen Empires booster boxes. People are going to become so burnt out by being gouged for the things they need, that they’re going to take their money elsewhere. By the way did you see that Esika’s Chariot is up over 30% today? I need to update my listing for that card.”

Sellar has been engaged with MTG finance for weeks now, buying and storing products and cards he believes will increase in value over time.

“With a minimal investment you can earn a lot of money once things go out of print. It’s the basics of economics, the higher the demand for things the more people are willing to spend obtaining them.”

Another MTG seller, Charles M. Boourns, also criticized WotC for participating in capitalism.

“Just because you can sell something for a lot of money since people are willing to buy it doesn’t mean you should. Take, for example, my listing for Force of Negation. Yeah, I could easily sell it for one-hundred dollars, but let’s remember there’s less than a dollar’s worth of cardboard here. I can sell it for a reasonable price, and still make ten times that. And guess what, when I listed it for ten dollars it was purchased immediately,” Boourns told reporters before the collective hallucination of his existence evaporated into mist.

The sentiment from players is clear, Wizards needs to stop increasing their prices just because people are willing to pay it. Instead they should adopt a stance like many players do, who never check on highest price people are willing to pay, and instead sell Magic cards at a price that gives buyers the highest number of warm fuzzies.

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