Shock After Sealed Product Ordered from Amazon Arrives Untampered

Pauper Jumpstart received reports on Wednesday of a booster box ordered from Amazon which arrived untampered. The recipient, who goes by the twitter handlle StupidSexyZubatz, had this to say about the experience.

“You hear about it, but you never expect it to happen to you,” he said during a phone interview. “Official WotC shrinkwrap, factory sealed boosters… it felt like I hit the lottery.” Mr. Batz went on to tell us about his past experiences using the storefront. “Sometimes the scammers try, you know, using some kind of glue to re-seal packs. The ones that are really disappointing don’t even bother with the illusion. They just put all the loose cards from the packs back into the box, minus the valuable ones of course.”

We reached out to Amazon to try and receive a statement about the experience, however the answer to our question wasn’t available within the database of approved customer service responses, so we were repeatedly transferred until we ended up back at the first person we talked to who, by that time, had forgotten we’d already spoken. After, we tried their online customer service bot who told us we’d need a return label, even though our inquiry had nothing to do with that.

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