Scalding Tarn Forced to Bring Evolving Wilds Along To Play With Friends ‘Or Else’

Magic Cards little brother

SEATTLE, WA — Siblings are, at points, both a blessing and curse. Sometimes they are the best of friends, while other times they are the worst of enemies constantly at each other’s throats. It’s little surprise that, as children, many times it is difficult to have meaningful relationships with siblings when they can sometimes be so … well, inferior.

This is exactly the situation with Scalding Tarn, who reportedly has been avoiding playing with his little brother, Evolving Wilds. As similar as they are, it’s difficult for Scalding Tarn to play with his friends while trying to include their little brother in activities.

“It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s just hard,” Scalding Tarn told us in an interview. “Sure he’s my blood, in many ways we’re the same. But it’s those little differences that set us apart so much.”

“His brother is being nice,” Breeding Pool told us. “Truth is Eve’s slow and kind of useless. So when he’s forced to come along everyone else’s fun has to suffer because of it. And yeah, I get it, but in the end there’s a place for him and it’s not with us. We told Tarn to just say he was going to bring him, then drop him off at Pauper where he belongs but I guess that was too much for him.”

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