Those Looking to Discuss Magic Arena on Reddit Now Prefer Meeting In An Actual Toxic Wasteland

reddit magic arena real toxic wasteland

Reddit is a place where you can meet and speak with other like-minded people about almost any topic in existence, so it’s unsurprising that Magic: The Gathering has several different sub-reddits to discuss the game’s various facets such as individual formats, online, paper, finance, and so forth. Reddit Magic Arena is one of the most populous subreddits surrounding the game, specifically about the F2P digital client and the unique formats found there.

However, people wanting healthy discourse about the subject are finding it harder and harder to find an appropriate place for the topic. As such, a few brave trailblazers have found a solution: taking the online discussion of MTG offline and out in the real world to an actual toxic wasteland.

“It feels a lot more positive,” Grolth, king-man-mutant’s second head said. “Out here, it really feels like people are taking in what you’re saying rather than just calling you names. If I want to I can praise Alchemy and if anyone else disagrees with me, they do so in a way that’s respectful. The other day Jik’ Curl commented on reddit about Magic Arena predator monetization practices since, you know he’s a big of hero around here. He was downvoted into oblivion. We may eat each others flesh (don’t worry, it grows back) for sustenance, but unlike magic arenawe’re not one to yuck each other’s yum.

Grolth and his kin reflect on the newfound comradery due to the popularity of the once barren landscape.

“We had a few people who got lost and ended up out here. They came upon a discussion about the game’s economy and decided to join in. They were really surprised when we all listened intently and respected their opinions. Well I guess word got out and a lot of Magic Arena players from Reddit have been showing up. And while yes, we do eat some of them, the inviting community and constructive discussions are enough to keep them coming back. I guess the risk of being dissolved slowly after Jik’ Curl unhinges its jaw and swallows you whole isn’t enough to keep redditors away. In fact, we later found out there’s a whole subreddit devoted to people who are into that shit.”

At time of press, WotC began charging entry fees via rare wildcards for Grolth’s domain but was quickly talked down to half the price after a community backlash.

omg. dry erase cards. Of all the dry erase cards these are the driest. “How dry are they?” As dry as my wife after hearing me talk about how great MTG is. Sahara dry.

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