r/mtgfinance Divided Over Which Brand of Boxer Briefs has Highest EV

Two men arguing over the best underwear

It’s been reported that the subreddit dedicated to all things financial in the world of Magic: The Gathering is currently divided on which brand of boxer briefs have the highest EV.

“Hanes certainly has a good resale value as they use quality fabrics and overall, their reviews aggregate higher than the competition,” Reddit user Betonthebulge wrote. “If you were to speculate on anything, Hanes would be the safe play.”

Others in the community disagreed, citing the secondhand market and brand awareness as the main points to consider when arriving at a viable EV.

“Adidas not only has strong revenue behind a well-known brand, but its no-gap styles put this as a favorite among athletes. This means resale is higher here. No one’s buying briefs from a nobody, but after a long sweaty game they’re going to absorb a ton of value from a popular athlete. If you’re not speculating on Adidas, you have no fucking idea what you’re doing and shouldn’t be in this subreddit in the first place.”

Even still, more and more community members offered their own idea as to what constituted high value.

“If you’re not on team Fruit of the Loom you’re playing the game wrong. People don’t want some sweat-soaked locker-room funk-a-fied boxer. Fruit of the Loom offers moisture wicking fabrics with superior anti-odor protection and a breathable mesh fly. Best of all it’s all-natural cotton. This is the right play.”

Without a single metric to agree upon, the true winner could not be declared at the time of press, but many members in the community said they were working together to measure things out to arrive at a metric everyone can use for comparison.

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