Subreddit r/magicTCG Imposes Social Credit Score For Subscribers

Policing a subreddit is a must. If left unchecked, they quickly become a rampant cesspool of cruel exchanges, escalating to heated arguments where the victor is the individual with more time to waste. With popular subreddits, this task becomes exceedingly more complex and time consuming requiring automation to help filter out the bad stuff, while keeping the good stuff.

This concept is familiar to one of the most popular subreddits for Magic: The Gathering. r/magicTCG is a sort of all-encompassing subreddit for the trading card game in general which means it caters to a swath of topics, and thus, is the most popular.

In order to assist the moderators with their jobs, special technology has been brought in from overseas to incorporate a system that—keeping in line with the core of reddit’s own system—seeks to add a separate score for its users.

Users violating rules such as posting unrelated content, forgetting to add flair, or uttering forbidden words will result in your score dropping which could result in you being banned from participating in the future. This system allows people to ease into navigating the plethora of rules without fear of immediate expulsion.

Update: After writing this article we’ve learned that the Social Credit Score system has been scrapped by the modking Xerxes. Now all dissidents are removed immediately without warning. This new system is perfect as is the infallible the modking. All hail our leader.

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