Questions Surrounding Reserved List Addressed by WotC with Fingers In Ears Going “La La La La”

In MTG reprints are commonplace, often comprising entire sets which, like Double Masters 2022, can easily be sold at a premium. So why has a list of cards prohibited from ever being reprinted been implemented? Further, how has it continued to exist despite a majority of fans asking to dissolve it? We finally received a direct answer from Wizards of the Coast about this controversial topic, though it was merely Mark Rosewater with his fingers plugging his ears while going “la la la la”.

“We’re aware that the majority of players want the reserved list gone, but it’s also hard to explain why getting rid of it, while good for them, makes us less money in the long run,” WotC spokesperson Billie Zimmerman said. “We usually say ‘it’s complicated’ or we use scary legal terms people don’t understand like ‘promissory estoppel’ which is great for dodging the issue.”

With a growing fanbase, the ways to explain away the topic are growing harder to sell.

“With the internet, people are now able to educate themselves on these kinds of things so new methods are being explored. Until a long term solution is discovered, were temporarily executing a new tactic referred to internally as the ‘Sorry, what?’ deflection. It works by putting a finger in each ear and going ‘la la la la’.”


We asked how the community has reacted to their new tactic.

“Sorry, what?” Zimmerman said. “I didn’t hear you. See how well that works? It’s worth noting that ‘la la la la’ isn’t a requirement, you can say anything like ‘pee pee poo poo’ and the tactic works. The important part is to make enough noise, so any outside questions go unheard. A lot of people thought it was too childish to work, though were reminded that the box does say ‘Ages 13+’.”

While many MTG players have no idea how something like this is acceptable to the community, common knowledge suggests the majority are just going to buy it anyway, ridiculous as it is.

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