Pro Tip: Repeatedly Remind Everyone That You Would Have Won If You Didn’t Miss That One Trigger Ten Turns Ago

We all make mistakes from time to time. Magic: The Gathering is a very complex game with more moving parts than most. There is a lot to keep track of on both sides of the battlefield. Often times we’ll end up in a situation where our own mistakes can turn the tide of a game, often deciding the outcome.

In situations like these, most people would tell you to learn from your mistakes and grow as a player – after all, isn’t losing a big part of becoming a better pilot?

We here at think that’s a bunch of bologna. Hogwash. In situations where your own errors cost you the game, make sure your opponent understands exactly why they didn’t technically win. Do it with a smile to make sure they know you’re friendly.

Miss that extra draw off of monarch that would have given you that extra burn spell a turn earlier? Make sure they know their life total should have been 0, not 3. Miss that one upkeep trigger to have them mill? They should absolutely know those spells they played on turn five should have been in the bin, not on the battlefield.

Remember, by showing your opponents how they didn’t really win, you’re helping them become a better player too. After all, why should they walk away from the game thinking they’re the superior player while, clearly you are the favorite.

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