Pro Tip: Laminate Your Paper MTG Cards for the Magic Arena Card-Collecting Experience

MTG Arena introduced a new generation of gamers to Magic: The Gathering with a zero cost entry-fee and a way to build a collection just by playing. While it’s quickly learned that paying or spending endless hours grinding away is a requirement to build any component deck, the F2P client quickly became the premiere way to enjoy MTG.

Arena streamlines the MTG experience for quick, satisfying games by automating many of the monotonous, time consuming aspects of the beloved card game. While “paper” Magic continues to be enjoyed, there are many who wish that QOL aspects of Arena could come to paper. This was the realization that motivated 45-year-old Larry Spoonit’s innovation.

“One of the things I enjoyed about Arena was the collection. It was all there. Once I had it, I had it. I never had to worry about messing them up, or losing them. I looked at my paper collection and wished it could be more like that. Then it hit me.”

Larry went on to laminate every card in his collection, starting with his power 9. “The solution was so simple,” Larry went on. “By laminating every one of my cards I never have to worry about them getting damaged. I never have to worry about whether or not I’m getting a good trade, because like Arena, I can’t trade them. I never have to worry about if I’m getting a good deal selling them because now they’re worth nothing. No more sleeves. No more worrying about theft. Honestly, I feel liberated. The stress of worrying about my collection is over. Now I can just enjoy them.”

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