Person You’re Arguing with On Twitter About MTG is Just Three Burritos In A Trench Coat

We all love a healthy debate over topics we’re passionate about. Doing so can sometimes lead to conversations which enlighten everyone involved and enrich the depth of the topic at hand. However, in the real world, or more specifically online, conflicting ideologies often lead to degenerative exchanges that can only be described as two people shouting at separate brick walls.

There are some who seek out and instigate this kind of behavior purposefully. The most prolific of these, we found, was three burritos in a trench coat.

“The anonymity of it,” the burritos told us, “means there’s little to no repercussion for toxicity. This, coupled with a means to hide our identity as burritos, means online discourse is a perfect outlet for us.”

The burritos, known on twitter as @totallynotjustburritos find humor in providing bad takes and posting slightly incorrect facts to the MTG community, despite never actually playing the game. We asked if they’re not fans of the game, why target the MTG community specifically?

“Our lack of hands mean we cannot use a mouse or hold cards, but speech to text technology allows us to interact with others online. The MTG community became a great interest to us due to a proclivity of sensitivity about the hobby. The fact that almost every aspect of the game becomes a point of contention at one time or another means endless topics for us to troll others with. It’s all quite humorous.”

We asked why the burritos are coming forward now, and revealing themselves and their twitter handle.

“Frankly it has become a bit too easy. One of the three of us believes that even with our identity as public knowledge that the MTG community will still interact with our bad faith arguments. For instance, did you know that counterspells make the game better overall?”

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