Overwhelmed with New Releases, LGSs Sell Magic: The Gathering Product on Sushi Restaurant-Style Conveyor Belts

PORTLAND, Ore. — Local Game Stores, attempting to keep up with an increasingly frequent release schedule of new Magic: The Gathering product, have adopted a conveyor belt delivery system previously only seen in sushi restaurants.

“It feels like every day I’m looking at new Magic: The Gathering product to put on my shelves. I was running out of space to adequately display everything,” Patwick Slazey, owner of Double-Sleeved Deuce said. “We thought about getting rid of other products in the store to make room for everything, but that simply wasn’t feasible.”

The idea for a brand-new delivery system came from an unexpected place.

“You might be thinking, ‘oh he was at a sushi restaurant when he came up with the idea’ though it actually came to me when I was sitting on the toilet taking a shit,” Slazey shrugged. “I’m a big fan of tentacle … uh, content which made me hungry for sushi.”


Now, patrons of Slazey’s store can browse available Magic: The Gathering products in a way where everything is seen for an equal amount of time.

“You might be thinking that it’s sort of a round belt that runs continuously, but in fact there’s literally so much new product that it’s more of a treadmill than an airport baggage carousel. If it doesn’t sell by the time it reaches the end of the belt it just falls off into a big pile so I can add today’s new product.”

In a follow-up call with the LGS we were told that the conveyor belt system unfortunately collapsed under the weight of new product. Owner of the Double-Sleeved Deuce wasn’t available for further comment as he was still trying to dig himself out after falling into the unsold product pile.

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