Opinion: Counterspells Are Murder Because a Creature’s Life Begins on the Stack

If it’s one thing I love about the internet it’s that I get to share my irrefutable opinions derived from “research” via questionable channels while ignoring dissenting opinions which are disregarded because they don’t line up with my singular perspective. That’s what it was created for right? Speaking of creation, I wanted to remind everyone that counterspells are murder because a creature’s life begins on the stack.

Some of you may be thinking that I’m mistaken, because the actual, factual, literal rules of the game state that a creature on the stack isn’t a creature yet because the spell hasn’t resolved. What you don’t know is that those are the rules of men. Particularly men because it’s important when speaking about broad swaths of people they should be pointlessly gendered. Richard Garfield is a man after all, isn’t he?


If I spend my mana, my time and energy, into casting a Thragtusk, and someone counters it, you have murdered my Thragtusk. Richard Garfield wanted that to be a creature, or he wouldn’t have printed it. Simple as that. You have prevented poor Thraggy from living its life, from fulfilling its purpose with your interreference. Where does a living creature go when it dies? The graveyard. Where does it go when it’s countered? The graveyard. Explain that one, spikes! If the Thragtusk was never alive why can I dig it up and animate its dead corpse? Hmm?

Sure, some of you may say that if it was murdered on the stack then its ability would trigger and you’d get a 3/3. Even though this official ruling should end this debate I feel the need to maintain my position by ignoring its existence. When establishing a moral compass its important to ignore the inconsistencies in your dogma, otherwise we’d all be going around changing our minds on important subjects when new information becomes available. Who has time for that?

Yeah, maybe I could just use that ruling in my own house with my own friends (if I had any) but I’d much rather impose it on everyone, seeing as how I’m right and they’re wrong. In the end I’m going to spend every waking hour trying to force WotC to shut down and jail every single LGS owner and their employees if they don’t follow my far better, updated rules. I’m aware that I am in the minority and the vast majority think my ideas are terrible and that it’s objectively awful for everyone. However, I’m stubborn enough in my beliefs to ignore that too. What’s the point in believing in something if its detrimental impact on the lives of others are allowed to change my opinion?

omg. dry erase cards. Of all the dry erase cards these are the driest. “How dry are they?” As dry as my wife after hearing me talk about how great MTG is. Sahara dry.

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