WotC Encourages Local Game Stores to Offer Players Fake Drugs for New Capenna Pre-Release Since MTG Players Have No Money Left For Real Drugs

With New Capenna’s pre-release around the corner, LGS’ have started to prepare for the event. A recent reddit post showed a recommendation for stores to offer players a mock version of a substance called ‘halo’ which, for all intents and purposes, is a substance that uh … enhances one’s magical prowess.

To be fair, our own partners have been adamant that our ‘magical prowess’ has been lacking as of late, and if there were some kind of substance that could raise our uh … mana production, they’d be open to us trying it.

Unfortunately for us, LGS’ have decided to offer regular old candy and snacks in lieu of something to help our mana rocks. In short LGS’ realize that their customers are Magic: The Gathering players which means there’s no money left for anything that could make our uh … wizard staff become more component.

“It’s a really cool way to get players excited about a release,” Bryant Brian, an LGS owner in Davenport, LA told us. “When we’re engorged with excitement our customers feel it too. We know they’re rising to the occasion, so why shouldn’t we? Sure, it’s harder, but that usually helps when going into a release. This should help make this release a big one, especially since its coming first. No digital first this time! Obviously coming at the same time would be nice. Either way, this big of a release means a lot of clean-up afterward, it’s expected after players going at it all night. But the satisfaction on player’s faces when it’s all said and done is worth it.”

The question of whether or not ‘halo’ will be offered to those able to buy Collector Booster Boxes by the case is still up in the air.

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