Newest Commander Product Positive Another Sol Ring Would Be Just The Thing

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Every format has staple cards that you really can’t get away with not including in your deckbuilding. For Commander, everyone knows the number one staple that is in almost every single deck is the Sol Ring. Reprinted more times than most EDH player can count Sol Rings have been an auto-include for almost every commander deck ever printed. Despite there being so many in circulation the latest commander product called “S.O.L. Without Sol Ring” aims to make sure that you have enough of the commander staple laying around for your next dozen decks.

“I’m surprised they’re not pulling Sol Rings out of sea turtle’s noses at this point,” Redditor Com_Ampersand_er said. “Do we really need another reprinting? They’re already included in every pre-con, so at least four new printings per year. Not to mention Secret Lairs. It’s a bit too much.”

S.O.L. Without Sol Ring contains five new printings of the artifact, each with a unique design based on the concept of a ring. The cock-ring design complete with flaccid shlong is sure to retain its value.

“I’m excited for the wedding version of the Sol Ring from SOL,” commenting Blathering Blatherskite. “I’m totally planning on using it to propose to the girl I started dating this week.

Other designs, such as the Superb Owl Ring will surely get the attention from those who would otherwise gloss over the product. Regardless of which ring you choose, it’s true that if you’re playing commander without one, you’re S.O.L.


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