Newest Commander Podcast Aims to Produce Two Episodes Before Abandoning Project

A group of friends who meet weekly to play the beloved MTG format, Commander, had a discussion during their last game about “How awesome it would be if we made a Commander Podcast.” By the next week, the players had set up a makeshift studio with cameras, mics and streaming equipment to document their games.

The first episode went into detail about each of the player’s decks and the inspiration and cost behind each one. Wrapping after about three hours, the group felt confident their new show, “Swing Your Deck Around” would soon be the talk of the community.

Like all attempts to create something the reception was less than inviting, with comments ranging from “I stopped listening when Bill started talking” to, “Your shit sucks.”

Proclaiming they were unaffected, they went into the second episode the following week. However, after about forty-five minutes of complaining about how mean people were they quickly realized they didn’t have a whole lot to say, and didn’t plan out the episode’s content in advance.

After about 15 minutes of dodging prompts to speak and silently shrugging at one another, the second and final episode of “Swing Your Deck Around” ended a mere fifty-seven minutes. The friends have not planned any additional episodes, but plan on creating an entire line of merchandise based on the shows name.

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