New Premiere Optimal Set Boosters Cut Out The Fat and MTG Fans Are In Love

SEATTLE, WA — The announcement of the next iteration in booster packs have fans applauding. The new “Premiere Optimal Set Booster” was unveiled today. Unlike other booster packs, Premiere Optimal Set Boosters only contain uncommon cards, along with a rare or the occasional mythic. “They’re finally listening,” one Redditor posted. “It’s about time they gave us what we wanted.”

“We spent a lot of time researching this product before it came to market,” a spokesperson from WotC told us. “The idea was simple: give people what they love while cutting out the things they don’t. When we released the original Set Booster, we discovered a lot of people like to open packs outside of drafts which gave us the room to explore that product space. Shedding the limitations of a product people can actually play allowed the Premiere Optimal Set Booster to exist. I doubt it would have otherwise.”

Like with most things, not everyone is convinced.

“It’s just four cards,” one fan pointed out. “WotC just took all the commons out of a draft booster and are selling you four cards. Why would anyone buy this?”

We asked WotC for a response to the criticism.

“People are always resistant to change,” the spokesperson replied. “The Premiere Optimal Set Booster uses 73% less cardboard than a traditional draft booster, making it our most environmentally friendly product ever. Also, with shipping costs on the rise, a box of 36 Premiere Optimal Set Boosters is also 70% lighter which means we’re able to cut down our carbon footprint.”

Many in the industry are commending WotC’s focus on sustainability, calling it a “Much needed change that should be lauded.” And while most fans are eager to get their first box, a few highly downvoted fans continue to express their disdain.

“They’re not even lowering the price,” one redditor commented. “They’re selling you four cards for the same price as fifteen. What is wrong with everyone?”

Our WotC spokesperson had this to say.

“The overall value of Premiere Optimal Set Boosters is essentially unaffected by the change. Common cards are a core part of the Magic experience and will always be available in Draft Boosters, but we’re aware of how worthless commons are on the secondary market. Most LGS have a box for draft chaff players can pilfer when purchasing Premiere Optimal Set Boosters. If so many are willing to donate these cards after opening them in a pack, why would players want to continue paying for them? We’re simply giving the players this option.”

“Guys,” a fan tweeted, “the art is giving you the middle finger and Premiere Optimal Set Booster is being abbreviated as the P.O.S. Booster. They didn’t even bother with color. It looks like a toddler made this in MS Paint! Also, the packaging is literally printer paper folded around the cards and stapled at the top. Stapled. As in metal. As in your cards will be ruined.”

“Our approach to packaging was to be in line with the environmentally conscientious theme of the product. Regarding the new logo, what you’re seeing is an artist’s interpretation of our five kinds of boosters: Theme, Draft, Collectors, Set, and now Premiere Optimal Set Boosters rising above the rest.”

We asked the rep if there was any danger due to the product packaging included staples to which they replied, “Probably.”

Premiere Optimal Set Boosters will go on sale next week, replacing the majority of Draft and Set boosters due to their unexpected low supply.

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