New Capenna’s Brokers Crime Family Wants to Remind Everyone That Calling Them ‘Demon Lawyers’ Is Redundant

New Capenna’s five crime families each vie for their stake of the city by leveraging their specialties in the ongoing struggle for power. The Brokers are no stranger to strife, though their methods of obtaining and securing power may be considered more civilized than New Capenna’s other four families. We sat down the Flaco Spara, head of the Brokers to find out what life is like for them in New Capenna.

“We take pride in what we do,” Falco Spara told us. “Some people think things like ritualistic sacrifice are what makes one demonic. Sure, maybe. But being the gatekeepers of knowledge for the rules that govern one’s life, and thus, one’s freedom at $500 per hour is truly demonic.”

We asked Spara if he thinks the association has any impact on the organizations public perception.

“What does it matter? What are people going to do, represent themselves?” Spara laughed. “In the biz we call those people convicts. Do I care that even though I’m literally just a bird that somehow I ended up with “Demon Bird” as my creature type simply because I’m a lawyer? Hardly. Honestly, it sounds really cool.”

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