Help: My Friends Took My Drunken Enthusiasm to Start a Commander Podcast Seriously

Local Magic player Bob Smith and his friends attended to a house party last week. That evening, during an inebriated conversation about commander, Smith and his friends proposed the idea of starting a commander podcast. Upon sobering up the following day, Smith dismissed the conversation as forgotten drunken banter until he saw the friend’s group text enthusiastic about moving forward with the idea.

“It goes without saying that this is the last thing I’d ever want to do,” Smith told reporters. “I can barely put together a coherent deck let alone sit around and talk about the game with any sense of competence.”

Smith thought that by being dismissive and referring to the idea as a bad joke it would dissuade the others from continuing. Smith was wrong.

“Of course, hearing about all this while sober makes me want to vomit. There’s no way any of us should be doing this. Most of the time we just pretend to understand the rules of magic. The other night none of us were sure what trample meant so we just ignored it, thinking it probably wasn’t all that important.”

Smith’s friend, Egan Silvus, began culling ideas to make their content unique and exciting.

“I figured we could get a bunch of sponsors and spend a good thirty minutes plugging them at the start of the show, followed by thanking our legions of Patreon sponsors, and then maybe some skits. Then I guess we’d like, play commander and record it. Then halfway through we’d plug some more sponsors and hope people haven’t completely checked out by that point, so we’ll incentivize watching the whole thing by announcing the winner of a giveaway. I thought of all of these ideas by the way and will be taking full credit for making the most unique MTG content ever.”

Thus far the group has been split regarding the name of the podcast and plans for their first episode to be devoted to explaining what commander is and why they think it’s fun.

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