MTG Veteran and ‘Weed Guy’ Realize They’re the Same Person After Basing Every Aspect of Their Lives Around One Thing

BOOGER HOLE, WV — A chance meeting between Jason Dorner and a local man known only as ‘Weed Jesus’ blossomed into an unlikely friendship. “We accidently bumped into each other and our bags fell and split open,” Dorner said smiling at Weed Jesus. “I couldn’t believe how much stuff was there. He had as much paraphernalia as I had deckboxes.”

We asked Weed Jesus what he thought of their first meeting. “People think smoking weed is just one thing,” Weed Jesus said, obviously not listening to what we said. “There’s a million ways to enjoy it. Blunts, bowls, bongs, vapes, dabs, edibles. The list goes on.”

“He loved the foils,” Dorner said, laughing. “I had a deck completely rebuilt with old border foils that spilled out. He just sat there smiling at it.”

We asked Weed Jesus what he thought about the cards, but he began to tap no discernable rhythm on the table while nodding and singing Peter Tosh’s “Legalize It”.

“He asked me to give him a ride,” Dorner said, “to his weed store. He got in my custom painted Honda Civic. Half red. Half blue. My Honda Izzet. On the way there each time I asked him a question he would just point at my shirt and laugh then say ‘NOPE!’ Not even my MTG friends appreciate my blue mage shirt that much. It was then I realized we weren’t all that different. We each have stores that cater to our passion, a community of people we enjoy it with and tons of great products to help us enjoy ourselves even more.”

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