MTG Players Brought To Tears After Gambit’s Fight With Magneto Enters LGS

MTG and other collectable / trading card gamers held a candlelight vigil at Local Games, Sure! in Cincinnati, OH. Earlier today a fight between Gambit and Magneto ended up taking place inside the store. With cardboard abound Magneto was at a severe disadvantage, though surrounded by cards, Gambit was able to emerge victorious.

While Magneto’s defeat and capture at the hands of Gambit was lauded by many, the shop’s regular customers gathered to pay their respects to the true heroes of the day, the cards.

“Of course I wanted to see Gambit win,” Jorgen Milah told us. Milah was in the store when the fight broke out. “He’s just so cool. But when we saw the kinetically charged signed Black Lotus fly, we all knew the true cost.”

“He was winning for a while,” Cammi Phillips, told us, another witness to the event. “But unfortunately for Gambit, he grabbed a Secret Lair Ultimate Edition box off the shelf, probably thinking it had a lot more than just five cards inside due to the size and price of the product. It almost cost him the fight, but luckily for him he found the box of draft chaff after tossing the Secret Lair Ultimate Edition box in the trash.”

“I don’t know why he had to go for the collector’s booster boxes,” store owner ____ told us. “Maybe he thought since the price was higher there would be more cards inside, which I guess makes total sense. You could tell he was a little confused when he cracked them open and began pelting them at Magneto only to run out of ammo soon after. ‘Grab the draft boosters!’ I remember yelling before I was able to escape the chaos.”

Total damages to the store were mostly cosmetic, but the true value of damages came mainly from the MTG and Pokémon singles. Not a single one survived. Tonight, players pay their respects to the true heroes of today, though mostly we expect most people to be looking for surviving cards.

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