MTG Hack: Guaranteed Card Value Equal to the Price of Every Pack You Open

When you buy a pack of Magic: The Gathering cards for $3-$5 you have two choices. You can hold onto that booster pack which will retain its value, or you can gamble, hoping the cards inside will be equal to, or greater than the price paid. We want to share a trick we found to ensure that every pack you open will get 100% of the value you paid for it back.

Step 1: Go to your local game store, preferably during a draft. You can draft if you want to, but that’s not why we’re here. If you dig in their trash cans, you’re going to find a bunch of booster pack wrappers. Grab those.

Step 2: Buy 12-15 singles you want. You can do this at the local game store or go online to acquire these.

Step 3: Place those singles inside the already used booster packaging. Use some tape to seal it up so it looks brand new.

Step 4: Have a friend bludgeon you in the head with a solid object until you can’t remember where you are, who this person is, or (most importantly) what cards you put in the resealed booster.

Step 5: Forget about the booster due to your stint in the hospital recovering from blunt force trauma.

Step 6: Discover that weird looking booster pack you’re pretty sure is resealed. Open it.

Step 7: Take a bunch of photos and post them on social media. Explain that you ended up purchasing a resealed booster pack at some point, but whoever resealed it added good, valuable cards instead of draft chaff.


Step 8: Argue with redditors calling you a liar.

Step 9: Become paranoid that someone is messing with you because what kind of person would reseal a booster pack with better cards?

Step 10: Perhaps this pack of Magic cards was a message from some parallel dimension where good natured acts of selflessness are common. Maybe the message is to pay it forward and give someone else a resealed pack of great magic cards.

Step 11: Begin to wonder that reality might not be as simple as what you experience with your six senses. Perhaps you are merely experiencing a fraction of reality, and there is so much more to the universe we simply cannot perceive.

Step 12: Start spreading the word of giving away great Magic cards to others through resealed booster packs while preaching selflessness and love. Reject the notion your followers propose that you are Magic: The Jesusing.

Step 13: Accept that you probably are Magic: The Jesusing and get all high and mighty about it. Wear bedsheets and stop showering.

Step 14: Run into that one friend who bludgeoned you in step 4 who explains that you’re actually the one who made that resealed booster pack, for whatever reason. Call him the devil for spreading lies.

Step 15: Even though the devil is a filthy liar, admit the idea is good and that resealing cards in a booster pack, forgetting about them, then opening it is a great idea since you’ll always be happy, and after all that’s what Magic: The Jesusing is all about.

Step 16: Go to step 1.

omg. dry erase cards. Of all the dry erase cards these are the driest. “How dry are they?” As dry as my wife after hearing me talk about how great MTG is. Sahara dry.

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