“MTG Content Creator” Replaces “Musician / In A Band” as #1 Dating Profile Red Flag

For as long as dating profiles have been a thing, one of the biggest warning signs has been the phrase “I am a musician.” Synonymous with a lack of income, coupled with addiction issues, it was a clear indicator that this person was to be avoided. Like other self-prescribed titles such as “nutritionist”, being a self-described “Musician” could mean anything from “classically trained pianist” to “bought a drumkit at a garage sale last year and the three people at my first show didn’t make eye contact after our set.” A gamble for sure.

However, today “musicians” everywhere have reason to celebrate as the newest king of dating profile red flags takes the throne: “MTG Content Creator”. As awful as the connotation for musicians are, “MTG Content Creator” takes the word “un-datable” to new levels.

Like “Musician”, “MTG Content Creator” is synonymous with “unemployed” with strong undertones of “Mom’s basement dweller.” We’re all aware of the stereotype of poor hygiene (a category shared by musicians) and score higher on the stability scale, but the lack of available drugs means MTG Content Creators end up scoring higher here.

Many eligible singles commented on the shift, citing “at least musicians go outside.” Others mentioned how off-putting the job is. “He showed me his streaming setup and when he went live he started talking, pretending that there were people in his chat despite 0 people in his channel. He said, ‘that way if someone shows up I’ll look interesting.’ I left after that.”

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