MTG Arena Commander Requests Now Exceed Number of Registered Voters (Also, Go Vote!)

MTG Arena Commander is out now, jk, go vote

MTG Arena Commander requests hit a milestone today after the number of people begging for the popular format on the free-to-play client exceeded the number of registered voters in that same age group and demographic.

“We’ve been campaigning for MTG Arena Commander since the launch of the client. Working tirelessly to lobby Wizards of the Coast to implement the most popular format on the the most popular client is a lot of work. But should it be? We like to remind WotC that they like money and if they give us Commander then they will literally get all of it. In order to convince them, I’ve mobilized folks from every state in the U.S. and have been coordinating efforts to keep the discussion alive online through a schedule of posts and events.”

Miller was asked if there was any interest in using the platform to mobilize young voters in the upcoming midterm and presidential election.

“Does the House or Senate have any sway over MTG Arena Commander? The moment I see a candidate whose platform includes a drastic change in the government’s role in making companies do what I think they should do then I’ll give a shit about voting. Sure, we may have more people fighting for our cause than actual, literal issues that impact millions of our peers, but any efforts not focused on MTG Arena Commander are working against us. Who cares if the people making rules for everyone think a creature’s life begins on the stack.

Playing MTG Arena Commander is going to be great when we get one day. But for now, we have to do what we can. The midterm elections are taking place today, so be sure to get out there and voice your opinion! You know what MTG Arena needs to get Commander on their platform? A country able to have free and fair elections! This is your opportunity to make some changes. Not registered? It may not be too late. Many states offer same-day voter registration! Sorry to get all preachy, but we wouldn’t if we didn’t think it was important.

At time of press, the reader of this article went out and voted and made the world a little bit better. Kudos!

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