MTG Arena $50 Wildcard Bundle Now Includes New Pet Who Questions Your Life Choices

Who doesn’t love cosmetic items? Borderless parallax treatments, avatars, sleeves, emotes, and pets allow the player to customize their experience by allowing a personal touch for a price. WotC is gambling on the inclusion of a new cosmetic item in their $50 wildcard bundle to make the product feel like it has a bit more value.

Starting today, those choosing to purchase 16 wildcards for a whopping $50 will also receive an exclusive “Nagging Jace” pet with the unique ability to interact with you, even when you’re not clicking on it.

Lines such as “$50 could have gone into an IRA. You must think about your future!” and “Damn it, Billy. Take-out again?” will accompany your Magic: The Gathering Arena gameplay experience. Additionally, Nagging Jace includes a timer to see how long that unwashed cup has been sitting on your desk. Eight days? Really?

Additionally, your new Nagging Jace will follow you into the store page with a set of unique lines based on your shopping habits. We’ve found it’s a big help when Jace starts screaming, “No!” whenever you try to navigate to the page to buy gems.

Player should know that once Nagging Jace is purchased, he cannot be removed or turned off. A questionable, yet necessary feature.

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