Mental Health Check: Member of Pod Owns Only One Deck

OAKLAND, Calif. — A local EDH pod has scheduled an intervention with one of their members. Due to the personal nature of this story we’re going to forgo using the real names of those involved. The intervention was a way for the pod to express their growing concern about [Clown-Diddler]’s mental health since after years of playing EDH, they still only own a single deck.

“I never really thought there was something deeper happening with [Clown-Diddler],” said [Taint-Sniffer]. “He always seemed really happy. He never let on that anything was amiss in his life. He has a beautiful partner and family, great job with a stable income. Honestly what else could you ask for? But I guess these things aren’t always on the surface. Kudos to [Mop Water-Drinker] for noticing it and letting us know.”


What [Taint-Sniffer] was referring to was the discovery that [Clown-Diddler]—despite being an avid EDH player, and having the income to build lots of super cool decks—only owned a single deck.

“I was trying to figure out how it was possible that [Clown-Diddler] never built more than one deck,” said [Mop Water-Drinker]. “I mean, I have 17 and I’ve been playing for like 3 months. The others have even more, [Taint-Sniffer] for example has at least fifty. There’s zero reason why any commander player shouldn’t be constantly deck building: it’s literally the best part of the format. The only reason I could come up with is that [Clown-Diddler] was dealing with some serious mental health stuff.”

[Mop Water-Drinker] got together with the fourth member of the pod [Jeff] and decided to forgo their usual night of commander to stage a mental health intervention.

“I was shocked, really.” said [Clown-Diddler]. “You know, even though they were completely wrong about all of it, I really do appreciate their concern, but also their willingness to act on it. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a [Taint-Sniffer] and [Mop Water-Drinker] in their lives. I let them know that I really like my deck and its commander, and that nothing else was going on.”

The group was put at ease at the discovery that [Clown-Diddler]’s mental health was fine. In fact, they learned that [Clown-Diddler] does build new decks quite often, it’s just the same commander with the exact same deck list, sleeves, deck box and everything. He’s up to at least 200 copies of it and brings a fresh, un-played one for each week’s meetup to ensure it’s not haunted.

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