Magic: The Gathering Sequel, Magic: The Gathering 2, Will Use Existing Cards With a 2 At The End of Every Card Name

Magic: The Gathering sequel, Magic: The Gathering 2

The Magic: The Gathering sequel was a surprise announcement from Wizards of the Coast today. Rather than starting from scratch, Magic: The Gathering 2 will utilize its existing card base but denote the sequel by adding a 2 at the end of every card name.

“I saw the leak on 4chan. A user who claimed to be part of the production team at Wizards of the Coast posted an outline for the release. Screenshots showed cards like Thalia, Guardian of Thraben 2, Island 2, and Counterspell 2. As far as I could tell these cards were mechanically identical to their prequel counterparts. Honestly, this is one of the most exciting announcements so far. I love buying cards, so being given the chance to buy all my favorite cards again is just another goldmine of dopamine.”

Wizards of the Coast didn’t exactly confirm the rumor but didn’t deny it either.

“If we were to do something like release a sequel to Magic: The Gathering it would be an opportunity for our fans to experience the wonder of starting a new collection all over again. Also, if we were to do something like that, many people think it would be a perfect loophole to reprint reserved list cards since those rules only applied to the original Magic: The Gathering. To put everyone’s minds at ease the sequel to the Power 9, Power 9 2 would be just as scarce and would be placed on the reserved list 2.

They then went on to clarify, hypothetically, how the sequel would work.

“First of all, we’d like to thank Activision Blizzard for normalizing the idea of creating a sequel using the same game. That being said, like Overwatch 2, the sequel will be completely separate from the original. Unlike Overwatch however, we plan on continuing development on both MTG 1 and MTG 2 simultaneously.”

Some have criticized the notion of people buying two of the same game each release. Wizards of the Coast reminded everyone that Pokémon have been doing it successfully for years.

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