Magic Fans Hoping Jewish Space Lasers Can Help Reclaim the MTG Acronym

Jewish space laser

Fans of Magic: The Gathering have been referring to the beloved card game as MTG for over twenty-five years. However, recently, some… “person” has been using the acronym for their own name creating confusion. Fans are hoping those nifty Jewish space lasers might be able to do something to help fans of the card game reclaim the MTG acronym.

“It never even occurred to me that when I told my new neighbors I am a big fan of MTG, they would assume it was anything other than Magic: The Gathering,” Bob Wisseu said. “Turns out they thought it was the other thing… I guess it’s why they’ve been throwing their hands up and telling me they’re not armed when I greet them.”


Like a culture in a peach tree dish, the misuse of the MTG acronym has also been spreading exponentially in the digital world.

“I saw MTG trending the other day in the news, but when I engaged with that content I ended up in a lot of scary places and communities. Even though I backed out of there as quickly as possible, I keep getting advertisements for gun sales, Matt Walsh documentaries, and emails from the Babylon Bee. It’s all very frustrating.”

Fans have been wondering what can be done to help distinguish MTG from MTG.

“I know this is going to rile up the right-wing gazpacho, but maybe those Jewish space lasers could do something about this. Like carving ‘MTG means Magic: The Gathering’ in the ground or something. Like on a hill somewhere people can see it. Also, when we talk about ‘commander’ and ‘MTG’ we don’t want anyone assuming we think MTG should be in charge of anything, like, ever.”

Players are suggesting that until the acronym can be successfully reinstated, that the full name, Magic: The Gathering, be used when referring to the TCG to prevent local game stores from being stormed in an attempted take-over.

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