When Asked About The Possibility of Live-Action MTG Movie, WotC Assumes The Rock Will Get Around To Making It Eventually

With all the buzz about the upcoming animated Netflix adaptation of the universe of Magic: The Gathering, fans are wondering if a live-action feature film is in the cards (heh) for the franchise.

“There’s just so much lore,” one fan told us outside a 7-11 at 2:00 am. “I mean, the MCU is thriving, and there’s just as much MTG content: memorable characters, entire worlds to explore, planar ending events. You could like have creatures fighting and explosions and magic, and then like love interests with Nissa and Chandra. She’d be all like, ‘Oh Nissa’ and Nissa would be all like ‘Oh Chandra’. And like they’d fight and stuff and do magic and like drive vehicles because that’s in the game. And like, Teferi would be all like, ‘Not so fast’ and turn a bad guy into a baby or something with his Time Rod or whatever that is – probably a bong, I mean there’s always smoke coming out, while Nissa’s all like, ‘look out babe, the plants are gonna help this fight’ and makes trees like have arms and stuff. And Chandra’s gonna be like ‘that’s hot’ because that’s her catch phrase cause she does fire stuff. And then the worlds gonna be in danger from the Eldrazi and Teferi is gonna be like ‘That’s totally not Emra-cool, dude!’ and like cast spells and stuff. Sounds awesome.”

And while it did sound awesome, we eventually sobered up and went looking for any official word from Wizards of the Coast about the possibility of a live-action feature film. As usual, we were unable to receive any statement from Wizards about this but our inside source / weed guy who keeps telling us he works for Wizards, told us that it’s “totally going to be made. They’re expecting the Rock to get around to it eventually. I mean, he’s done almost everything so far and it’s just a matter of time.”

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