Kickstarter Funded, Card Sleeves That Glow When Pubstompers Are Nearby

Magic The Gathering MTG How to idenitfy and avoid pubstompers

Heading down to your LGS for a night of commander usually means a good time. Though occasionally you may encounter certain individuals whose pleasure is derived not from joyful social interaction, but from bringing a cannon to a knife fight with the sole purpose of winning as much as humanly possible.

Now we’re all aware how annoying pubstomers can be, though we’re not here to decry their devious methods. Instead, we have good news. Recently a new Kickstarter for card sleeves was funded. Unlike normal card sleeves, these card sleeves called “Stings” will glow when in the presence of pubstompers.

Now instead of having a rule 0 discussion, shuffling, setting up and taking a few turns before realizing sweaty Jake over here is packing $10,000 worth of Codie, your stings will alert you to the pubstomper’s presence before they’re even welcomed into the pod.

Stings fit all standard size playing cards so you can use them to detect pubstompers in games like Pokémon TCG and Flesh and Blood as well. You can double sleeve with the optional inner sleeves called “mithril” that can change your sting’s glow to a variety of colors.

When asked how the cards operate, and how they’re able to detect these nefarious players, creator that goes by the name of Gondolin simply responded, “Elven magic.”

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