I Died for Five Minutes and Learned The Universe Is A Simulation Created To Generate New Magic Cards

When I woke, they told me my heart stopped for five minutes, so I grabbed my phone and hit record to dictate my experience as it faded like a dream.

What we think of as reality is merely a biproduct of space-time intersecting with consciousness, and what we think of as consciousness is merely energy that has become aware of its own existence, and thus creates a vehicle in which to learn about its surroundings. But this is merely a small slice of all that is. You see, if you “go up” you find that our reality is merely one of many, all happening simultaneously, like cogs working in tandem with one another to make a clock function, though we are only aware of our own cog.

“Above” all these intersecting dimensions are the clock makers. What they are cannot be explained within any existing framework, and even as I speak their grandeur escapes my grasp like sand through fingers. Those that came before created a kind of natural technology that can create a simulated universe in all its various aspects in order to achieve certain goals. With near infinite space, consciousness serves as a way to create ideas, art, and music, which is then cultivated by the creators, cataloged and studied.

I was able to have an audience with these creators and was able to ask them questions before I was whisked back to my body. Apparently an untold number of these universes have been created before, and even more shall be created after. To them, the birth and heat death of our universe is merely a blip. A cycle. The culmination of creations from all conscious life in a near infinite universe is recorded, stored and studied to then create more complex simulations.

I asked what the purpose of our universe was. Their voices sounded like a thousand minds speaking at once, in every conceivable language, using sounds I’d never dreamed existed and despite having no previous knowledge, I understood each word. The answer to my question was: “We like EDH. Reprint Dockside Extortionist.”

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