Death And Taxes Player Banned From LGS, Caught Vandalizing Other Player’s Cards With “I Did That” Thalia Stickers

I did that biden sticker MTG Thalia, Guardian of Thraben

Bob Seger, owner of Untapped, Uncorked in Westchester began seeing “I did that,” Thalia stickers appear around his store. “Well for one it’s dumb,” Seger said, “and two it’s vandalism. I saw one on my shelf and didn’t think anything of it. But then I saw five more and that’s when I got pissed. Wasn’t long before the culprit revealed themselves.”

“I just wanted people to know who was responsible for making their spells more expensive,” laughed Jim Chieree. When asked why it was so important that people knew their spells would be more expensive due to Thalia’s presence, Chieree shrugged and said, “I did that. So funny.”

“I mean, yeah my cards were double sleeved when he slapped a sticker on my card. I had extra sleeve too, but still,” opponent Michael Truda said. “He was cackling about it the whole time, and kept saying ‘I did that’ over and over again. Sure, I kind of chuckled at first, thinking it was a somewhat clever riff on the whole Biden sticker thing, but then he kept at it. Worst of all Thalia wasn’t even on the board so the whole thing made zero sense. We didn’t even get to finish the game because a couple of the other players wanted to kick the crap out of him because he wouldn’t stop.”

“The owner came by to see what the commotion was about and when he saw the stickers on our cards he got real angry. Apparently that guy was sticking them all over Bob’s store. The owner, Bob is such a chill guy. I’ve never seen him get so pissed off. Well Bob kicked him out and banned him, then threw the dude’s backpack at him. It turns out his backpack was full of those stickers. I’m talking thousands. Who in their right mind has the time for doing something like this? It’s not even that funny or clever.”

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