How to Fix Lenovo T5 Freezing on 28IMB05

If you own this Lenovo desktop then you might be experiencing an issue with your computer freezing for no good reason. You can’t do anything except hard reboot. No CTRL+ALT+DEL. No task manager. You can either wait for the computer to BSD (blue screen of death) which will display the DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION indication, or just hard reboot.

It sucks and it’s frustrating. And I lived it. But, I also learned how to fix it! Rather than go into what’s wrong let jump right into getting your computer working again!

STEP 1: Uninstall your graphics card driver. Hit START > type in DEVICE MANAGER. Click on DISPLAY ADAPTERS which should show the name of your graphics card. Right Click on your graphics card and choose UNINSTALL DEVICE, then select the checkbox for “Attempt to remove the driver for this device” and click UNINSTALL.

STEP 2: Go to Lenovo Service Bridge at and click DETECT PRODUCT, the navigate to the product’s page (there should be a link if it doesn’t auto-direct you)

STEP 3: On the left side of the screen click DRIVERS & SOFTWARE, then select the MANUAL UPDATE on the header bar.

STEP 4: Under “What Component Are You Looking For?” click “Graphics Processing Units (GPU and Server-AI Accelerators”

STEP 5: Download the appropriate driver based on your GPU (AMD or NVIDIA) and install! You’re DONE!

Really? That’s it? Just install that one specific graphics card driver? But it’s old and out of date!

Yup and that’s why your computer is freezing. You see, for whatever reason THIS COMPUTER can only use the graphics card drivers used by Lenovo. So if you update your graphics card driver (like normal people do!) off of this version you’re going to go back to freezing again. Your computer will still run just fine and should play games without trouble. But, like I said, don’t update the driver even if your card’s manufacturer starts telling you to!