Historic Pauper

Historic Pauper is a fan-created and curated format played via Magic: The Gathering Arena. Historic Pauper’s format consists of decks created using all cards printed at the common rarity within Magic: The Gathering Arena.

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Getting Started

If you’re interested in getting started playing Historic Pauper, click this link to gain access to the MTGA Historic Pauper discord. There you can find a friendly game, theory craft with the community, and sign-up for events.

Games are played on MTG Arena via the Direct Challenge option as currently there is no queue supported on the client. Meet new people and add new friends to your MTGA Friend list.

Deckbuilding and Restrictions

Historic Pauper legal cards consist of all cards printed at common rarity within the MTG Arena client. If a card exists at common outside of the Arena client, but is not printed at common within Arena, it is not legal in Historic Pauper. As such, the only “rarity downshifts” will occur within Arena. For example, since Cauldron Familiar was printed at common within the original Jumpstart format, it became legal in Historic Pauper even though it was originally printed at uncommon.

The discord community also has banned Ancestral Mask and Persistent Petitioners due to their performance in a low-powered environment.

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