Friday Night Magic Drafts Now $23.57 Due to Convenience, Service Fees

Inflation is here. With the price of everything going up, many businesses are doing whatever they can to offset their financial pain, including Wizards of the Coast themselves who recently announced an 11% increase in price for Magic: The Gathering product. However, Local Game Stores around the country have taken the idea other businesses have adopted to increase revenue – charging for convenience and service fees.

“If you order something to be delivered there’s the fee you pay for delivery, which everyone expects,” Bob Sinow, owner of LGS They’re Not Action Figures, They’re Minis said. “But then there’s the service fee which, also covers the delivery fee… I think. I’m not sure. Either way, if one company is getting away with charging you twice for the same thing why shouldn’t I?”


With the change in landscape of the paper MTG community, local game stores are also capitalizing on the return of in-person play to generate more revenue.

“People can just fire up Spelltable and play paper MTG whenever they want these days. We feel that if you’re wanting a real experience, we’re offering a service beyond what you’re used to, and with that service comes a cost. A service cost. The guy that tells people where to sit, then comes and collects your booster pack trash is providing a service, right?”

High demand provides many different opportunities to turn drafters upside down and shake them, just in case there’s loose change in their pockets.

“The more I thought about it, the more we’re, like, offering a convenience as well. Its super convenient that we have space to play, tables and chairs to use. Coming to play Magic in person instead of on your computer via webcam is like seeing your favorite band in person instead of on Twitch. So why should ticket sellers be able to charge a convenience fee and not us? Now, you have the option of paying a convenience fee for getting your prizes up front, or you can pay to have us mail them to you in 2-3 weeks.”

In addition, They’re Not Action Figures, They’re Minis has decided to utilize tips to pay their employees’ wages, reminding players that any lack of tipping forces employees to start a GoFundMe to make ends meet.

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