Fans Upset Over Neon Ninjas From Fortnite Making their Way To MTG, Applaud Neon Ninjas from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

SEATTLE, WA —Yesterday’s announcement that Fortnite would be coming to Magic: The Gathering in the form of a Secret Lair shook the foundations of the fanbase, leaving many to voice their frustrations on every form of social media imaginable.

“What is the Fortnite universe anyway?” one tweet said. “It feels so random. Like I’ve seen characters that are like mummies, pirates, assassins, angels, and mermaids there. Why would anyone think these things belong in Magic: The Gathering?”

“I was in awe of the new Secret Lair drops, that was until I saw the announcement for a Fortnite Secret Lair. Fortnite is just a way to trick people into spending a bunch of money on skins,” one user said. “They don’t actually do anything different and it’s just a way to show off how much money you spent on the game. Let ’em waste their money for all I care.”

We reached out to WotC for comment, though were unable to hear their response from atop their massive pile of money.

“Don’t they know people who play MTG don’t play Fornite?” a discord user posted, “I don’t know who this is for. No one I know plays it. Did you see the Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty artwork? The use of bright neon colors and the robot pet on the ninja was such a cool touch. Imagine Fortnite doing something half that cool…”

“Look at it,” one redditor said, “it’s a bunch of nonsense. What is even happening here? A party? A skeleton, a goldfish and a bear?”

In related news, WotC announced the new “Un” set in a retro-future space party setting.

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